Taking a sustainable stance when refreshing your tech charging system? Firstly, we recommend going second-hand. Buying something already in circulation is, of course, ideal, however, it is difficult to buy second-hand power banks as capacity tend to wear out after a few years of use. If you are looking to make the most sustainable power bank choice then take a closer look at our Brighton-based studio’s gomi — the most sustainable power bank currently on the market.

A deft and conscious modular design allows for unlimited repairs — we craft with the end of tech obsolescence in mind. Over time, things naturally need fixing, but instead of ending up in landfill, like most products, our power banks can be broken down into parts (no components are glued together during manufacturing), allowing our team to effortlessly repair the area that needs attention like replenishing the used and worn out cells after a few years of use. Add in the fact that gomi products are made from 100% ‘non-recyclable’ plastics sourced from waste and are powered by second-life lithium batteries, and you have one truly earth-friendly power bank— powered by waste.

Most power banks available have 0-5% of post-consumer waste streams in terms of product weight — it's 73.9% for gomi.

Forward thinking early-adopters might already be thinking about our next release. With our trade-in service, consumers can replace their old power bank for a new one — or any other product we launch. Circularity is ingrained in everything we do at gomi.

Still want more industry insights? We’ve done the leg-work for you — compare gomi to other portable products on the market below.


Waste/sustainable materials: 4/5
Reparability: 4/5
Upgradability: 3/5
Recyclability: 4/5




    Nimble's CHAMP Portable Charger positions itself as a sustainable alternative with features like recycled plastic, specifically up to 90% post-consumer plastic. While this aligns with reducing the total footprint by up to -9.2 lbs of CO2 compared to available portable charger alternatives, the CHAMP's repairability and upgradability are limited, presenting challenges for those seeking a more enduring and eco-conscious option. Furthermore, the batteries used are brand new batteries. Where the most of the products impact come from.

    Waste/sustainable materials: 3/5
    Repairability: 2/5
    Upgradability: 2/5
    Recyclability: 3/5



      Anker's PowerCore+ promises high capacity and rapid charging but falls short on sustainable materials. While the exterior incorporates some recycled plastic, the overall composition still relies heavily on virgin materials. Repairing or upgrading this power bank is a challenge, contributing to electronic waste concerns.

      Waste/sustainable materials: 2/5
      Repairability: 1/5
      Upgradability: 1/5
      Recyclability: 2/5


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