our Materials

It's a world of mass production and minimal consideration out there. But it doesn’t have to be. Our speakers are made from plastics and batteries which would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

Recycled plastic

The equivalent of 44 plastic bags go into making each one of our speakers. That’s a lot of plastic saved from landfill.

Every year the UK alone throws away 300 million kilograms of flexible plastics. This includes shopping bags, bubble-wrap, and industrial packaging; all of which which have been deemed ‘non-recyclable’ by UK councils. At gomi, we’ve come up with a way of recycling these flexible plastics, turning them into a raw material which is aesthetically unique.

sustainable power

We take healthy batteries from damaged e-bikes and use them to power our products.
Batteries present ethical problems for even the most responsible tech companies. Why? Because they are difficult to recycle, meaning that the vast majority of them end up in landfill. On top of this, mining for new lithium often takes place under poor conditions for workers, presenting serious humanitarian issues. That's why we've chosen to do things differently. We take perfectly healthy lithium batteries from damaged e-bikes and give them a fresh start. By doing this, we intercept batteries that might have ended up in landfill, and prevent the need for creating new ones in the process.

Our process
First, we source retired battery packs from e-bike manufacturers and harvest the lithium cells. The battery cells within these are healthy, but the cost of repairing the damaged packs makes it cheaper for these companies to buy new ones. We test the cells in our studio on our diagnostic rack to check that they’re in perfect working order. Finally, we combine the cells to create the battery packs which power our gomi speakers for an impressive 30+ hours of play-time at normal listening volumes.

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