Repair Policy

In line with gomi’s principles, we will aim to repair your product at a fair price to maximise its lifespan:

Details about the Warranty that applies to your Product can be found at

  1. If malfunction or defect occurs during the Warranty Period and are not excluded from the warranty policy, gomi will repair or replace (totally or partially) at its sole option, any parts of the Product that are defective or malfunctioning during normal usage free of charge for You. If the Product cannot be repaired, it may be replaced by a Product with the same, similar or with equivalent features, as the case may be.
  2. If You send Your Product for repair and the Product is not covered by this Warranty or any other consumer rights, gomi will inform You of the availability, price, and other conditions applicable to repair it.
  3. The cost for a standard, out-of-warranty, repair in the United Kingdom will never be more than 50 GBP for a speaker and 20 GBP for a power bank and includes the cost of postage, diagnostics, replacement parts, repair labour time and delivery of the product back to You in the United Kingdom. Non-standard repairs that require a complete overhaul of the product will be quoted on an ad-hoc basis.
  4. The cost for a standard, out-of-warranty, repair from other locations may be higher to account for the increased shipping and handling costs involved. Gomi will inform you of this cost before the product is sent to us.
  5. For more information and to follow the process to ‘Request a Repair’, visit


Policy last updated: June 2024