Image Upload Usage Policy

By uploading any image to gomi's image upload form, you expressly agree to all of the conditions in this policy:

Any images uploaded as part of a user submission to create a new design for a gomi speaker must:

  • Be owned by the user who uploads it, or be uploaded with the permission of the owner of the image.
  • Not contain any images or logos that are subject to copywrite restrictions.
  • Not contain any images that could reasonably be deemed offensive, illegal or unlawful.

gomi reserves the right to:

  • Use any, and all, images as direct or indirect inspiration for new colourway designs for gomi products. These resultant colourway designs (not the original image) will remain the full property of gomi to use in current or future product designs however gomi sees fit.
  • Publicly use the resultant colourway designs in any way desired, including in marketing, promotional material and in creating physical products for sale.
  • At its sole discretion, refuse to process or store any images it deems not to fit this policy. No direct explanation is required to be given in this case.
  • Withdraw the facility to upload images at any time, affecting all or a subset of users, for any reason including, but not limited to, excessive volumes of image uploads being sent from a single user account.
  • Retain the original image on gomi servers for up to 3 months for use in this design creation process.

gomi will:

  • Request the permission of the original uploader of the inspiration image in the case that the original image is desired to be used in commercial material, such as social media posts or adverts.
  • Delete the original uploaded image from gomi's servers if requested by email, by writing to with the subject line "Image deletion request" and sent from the user email which was entered at the time of uploading.