Referrals and Rewards

Terms and Conditions

gomi will occasionally make referral rewards available to existing customers, in order for them to benefit when their friends also purchase from gomi.

  • Only customers with proof of purchase of a gomi Collection One speaker from the website are eligible to receive referral rewards from gomi.
  • The same email address used for the original purchase should be used when registering for a unique referral link.
  • Only customers who are invited by gomi to use the referral scheme are eligible to create and benefit from the creation of referral links.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, each customer can earn a maximum of 1 reward through referrals.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, each referral code and associated discount can be used by a maximum of 10 friends.
  • Gomi reserves the right to refuse the offer of a friend's discount or the referrer's reward, at its sole discretion, if it suspects that the referral offer is being excessively or systematically abused.
  • Referral links are valid for at least 3 months from the date of the original qualifying purchase.
  • Rewards will be sent out 40 days after the required number of referrals are completed. This is to ensure that none of the referral purchases are cancelled or refunded after the reward is released.
  • No cash alternative is to be offered in place of a referral reward.
  • Rewards sent to destinations in the UK will have no additional fees or taxes required to be paid.
  • Rewards sent to the USA will have a $25 USD shipping charge applied.
  • Rewards sent to destinations outside of the UK and USA will be required to pay the value of standard import tax for the destination country (usually 18%-22% of the regular retail price of the product) as well as a nominal cost for shipping from the UK.

Contact with any specific questions or queries about the gomi referral program.